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Farm First News – Highway 5 Closed Off

Saskatchewan RCMP have blocked off a section of Highway 5 both East and West in the small community of Nowhere. A semi truck had a rollover and slid across the highway after what appears to have been a tire and steering mechanism malfunction. The fuel container cargo tank was thankfully empty as the truck was returning from deliveries. Emergency services crews are on scene treating the 27 year old male driver who appeared to be in stable condition. It was a single driver rig and no other vehicles were involved in the crash. The Prairie Moon Café and Farmer’s Market are still open today and waiting patiently for the highway to clear. Café owner Alex Melnyk expressed that he’s just thankful there were no fatalities and hopes the driver is not injured too severely. Some power lines were knocked out in the collision and farms in the area are without electricity until repair crews can be brought in after the road is clear. Please respect the detour and access around the crash as directed …

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